Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I feel like going on

I have examined the obstacles. I have reviewed the stumbling blocks. I have checked out the pitfalls that seem to appear in my way. I have heard all the reasons that would allow me to turn back. 
Effortless, I leap over the obstacles. Gracefully, I tap dance up and over the so-called stumbling blocks. Skillfully, I fill in the seeming pitfalls with love as I cruise on by them. Because I listen only with the heart of Spirit, I turn away unwise counsel. I cannot be turned around. I know my truth. 
I know where I started. I see the distance I have already come. I recognize the who, which has shielded me and guided me along the way. I sing the song of joy and praise. 
I see the prize that is before me. I visualize my perfect ascent to mountaintop consciousness. I relish each precious mile, and every beautiful second. YES!!! 
I feel like going on. 

Mama McNabb

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