Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Draft 2017 in Philadelphia

The draft this year was held in "the city of brotherly love" Philadelphia. I hadn't been back in the city that drafted my son, Donovan McNabb as the #2 pick in 1999, since 2013. 4 years ago is when the Eagles retired his number and he officially retired from the NFL. That was a very nice & well put together occasion. The game played was the Kansas City Chiefs, where Coach Andy Reid, the coach the drafted him to the Eagles was the team we played. We had invited the many people that had supported him through his football career.  The team McNabb consisted of his sports agent, his marketing agent, pr, business manager, director of operations (me), assistants & security. Our Pastor was in attendance and the many folk that attended games, volunteered for our many foundation camps/clinics and " philly favors" we had. The White parties had been a regular event every year done by his brother, Sean, party planner extraordinaire. I had local friends that happened to be NFL Moms. One particular Mom was Linda Harrison, mother of Marvin Harrison (HOF WR for the Colts). Marvin and Don both graduated from Syracuse University 4 years apart. Played 1 year together. So this past draft weekend brought us all together again, just like it use to be. They attended the draft 2017 luncheon held by OMBI LLC, hosted by Sam & me of McNabb Consulting Network. The fashion show at Shani's place, Dolly's Boutique hosted by me. Draft party by Donovan McNabb. Read to the children at People for People Inc Charter School ( thanks Linda Harrison). Visited Donna George ( NFL Mom/Eddie George). A bar b q at Sean's place in Jersey and topped off with breakfast with Michele a Green ( NFL Mom/ Byrant McKinnie. Oh can't forget Linda Fields, Philadelphia politician and Mom of Chaffie Fields. Missed you Bertina Duncan ( NFL Mom of Jaime Duncan) & Zelda Westbrook (NFL Mom of Brian Westbrook). 
All was good during our time back in Philly. So it reminded us that we are still blessed! 

Thank you all for the memories. Hope to see y'all real soon. 

Romans 15:4
For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope. 

Mama McNabb

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