Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Shifting Into Overdrive

This is another one of those hectic days, Lord, where I'm forced to shift into overdrive. I'm meeting myself coming and going. Forgetting why I came in this room, easily distracted. Although the things I must accomplish are good, I'm struggling to keep above all that is happening. 
  Even though these days are busy, thank YOU for helping me along the way.  I tried to simplify today's schedule ahead of time ( my type A personality), but more last minute little things plopped in my lap. You are so wonderful for granting me a joyful heart and the energy to shift into overdrive so I could make it through successfully. 
  When I feel like I'm spinning my wheels, YOU help me along and sometimes give me a little push. When I get anxious and loose my focus, YOU remind me of YOUR calming presence.
  I am happy in your awesomeness and will try to walk in YOUR footsteps.  When I get a little wobbly, I praise YOU for holding me up. 
  Thank YOU, Lord for loving me and helping me relax. For soothing my frustrations. Every time I ask for YOUR guidance, YOU add time to my day. 
   For this day's help and guidance, I thank YOU, Lord. Please help tomorrow be a little less hectic so I may shift out of overdrive. 

Mama McNabb
(Praying for the world today & this week in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey & approaching Hurricane Irma) 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Social Media Fans the flames of bullying

I read this article and thought all parents/grandparents need to know.

               Parental involvement can be key to controlling the burn

Franciscan Health experts agree it is among the most prevalent challenges youngsters face and one of which parents need to be aware and help to prevent. It also is one the experts see all too often and deal with in their young clients, patients and family members. 

"Cyberbullying and bullying in general are at the top of the list, more so with middle school kids, because of the computer and phone access. Everybody knows their business - nothing is kept private." said Katrina Miller, a longtime clinical therapist 

"Online everybody sees it: it's not just between them and the bully. Middle school school kids can be really hurtful and the kid being taunted doesn't know how to handle it." she added. 

Children and young adults often don't report the problem, fearing being labeled a snitch, which could make things worse since it causes the victim further anxiety and hurt that can lead to serious consequences, even suicide, she said. 

It's really important for parents to educate their children about the dangers of the Internet" Miller said. " Once something is out there you can't get rid of it. Parents have to be more intuitive about what their kids are doing and more involved. They need to be aware of the sites the kids are visiting and who they're chatting with." They can do that by emulating what she has done with her two teens. "Get their passwords or don't let them have the electronic devices." So called helicopter parents, those who hover too closely over their children's activities and make them feel smothered or not trusted, can present the opposite problem.  

"That can create rebellious behavior. We need to find a balance with the kids. There have to be boundaries and rules and they have to know there will be consequences if those aren't followed. Still, we can't be overbearing." Miller said. 

Bullying is an age-old problem that remains alive and all too well today with a new and often dangerous component - the Internet. 

From Focus On Your Health. Franciscan Health.......

Mama McNabb

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mother's Day is any day you spend time with your Mother!

On some level, we mothers understand that our sons must eventually get lives of their own, with their own friends and activities. We get that. Really. Still, there's that corner of the heart that protests, "I miss him. I remember when he needed me." In other words, we don't want to be forgotten. No matter what your age, you'll always be important to me, and I love spending time with you. Allowing me to share in all the stages of your life ( grands ) is the best present you'll ever give me. Flowers and cards are nice, but my favorite present will always be you. 

Always enjoy one another and take time to enjoy family life together.....

Mama McNabb

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Four Reasons to break a sweat

The fast path to flushing Toxins

Doctors, health experts and fitness gurus tell us that we should break a sweat every day and for good reason. Sweat not only activates a host of benefits ties to health boosting exercise, perspiring itself is curative. Whether sitting in a sauna, walking on a warm day or working out, sweating is a necessary bodily function with powerful healing effects.  By clearing out a range of toxins, sweat plays an essential role in the body's natural detoxifying function. Here are some of the toxins it helps eliminate:
1. Persistent organic pollutants ( solvents, fumigant and insecticides).
2. Phthalate (plasticizer - plastic products )
3. Heavy metals ( aluminum, zinc, copper, and nickel)
4. Bisphenol A (BPA) ( found in canned foods, plastic water bottles)

The next time the couch and air conditioning beckon, think of all the "sweaty" benefits about to be sacrificed. Breaking a sweat might seem like an effort, but it keeps internal detox systems healthy and optimally functioning.

Written by Deanna Minich, Ph.D ( author, teacher and researcher).

A good read.

Mama McNabb

Friday, June 16, 2017

I Got Cha With Hugs Foundation

New Entity Founded in 2015. I am pleased and honor to do some good in the community for domestic violence. I say we are Women helping Women in Crisis. Here is the plan we set up for the Charity. 

Vision: Our vision is to be a vocal advocate for Women that have experienced hardship in their lives, as in domestic abuse, homelessness, loss of employment or similar situations. We will operate with other like-minded organizations to shape an atmosphere of caring and support. 

Mission: we want to strengthen the community of Women by helping those who are in need, gain self sufficiency by giving A Hug, and supplies. 

Plan: To gather the Huggers at A Hug & A Koffee ( breakfast), hug each other in our everyday hectic lives, listen, wipe our own tears, and then, roll up our sleeves and help another woman in crisis.  

Hugs & kisses,

Char McNabb

Friday, May 19, 2017

Control your Blood Pressure

I've decided to write this blog today because of a dear friend of mine fainted while on a plane, hospitalized and blood pressure was 180/110! ( travels for work). 

5 Simple Steps to Control Your BLOOD PRESSURE.

 1. Know your numbers: Most people diagnosed with HBP want to stay below 140/90, but your doctor can tell you your personal target blood pressure.

  2. Make a Plan:  Work with your doctor to make a plan to lower your blood pressure. 

  3. Make a few lifestyle changes: Loose weight. Eat healthier (fruit, veggies, low fat dairy & lean protein, but lower your saturated and total fat). Reduce sodium ( stay under 1500 mg/ day).  Get active. Limit alcohol. 

   4. Keep checking your blood pressure at home. ( it is wise to purchase a b/p apparatus to track your readings). 

    5. Take medication as Prescribed ‼️‼️‼️‼️ ( do not miss taking your blood pressure meds). 

     High blood pressure can be fatal, it is so hard to recover 100% after a massive stroke, so it's       IMPORTANT to know your b/p reading and you can keep things under control.  

                American HEART Association.     American STROKE Association. 

Mama McNabb
Retired Registered Nurse

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I feel like going on

I have examined the obstacles. I have reviewed the stumbling blocks. I have checked out the pitfalls that seem to appear in my way. I have heard all the reasons that would allow me to turn back. 
Effortless, I leap over the obstacles. Gracefully, I tap dance up and over the so-called stumbling blocks. Skillfully, I fill in the seeming pitfalls with love as I cruise on by them. Because I listen only with the heart of Spirit, I turn away unwise counsel. I cannot be turned around. I know my truth. 
I know where I started. I see the distance I have already come. I recognize the who, which has shielded me and guided me along the way. I sing the song of joy and praise. 
I see the prize that is before me. I visualize my perfect ascent to mountaintop consciousness. I relish each precious mile, and every beautiful second. YES!!! 
I feel like going on. 

Mama McNabb

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Draft 2017 in Philadelphia

The draft this year was held in "the city of brotherly love" Philadelphia. I hadn't been back in the city that drafted my son, Donovan McNabb as the #2 pick in 1999, since 2013. 4 years ago is when the Eagles retired his number and he officially retired from the NFL. That was a very nice & well put together occasion. The game played was the Kansas City Chiefs, where Coach Andy Reid, the coach the drafted him to the Eagles was the team we played. We had invited the many people that had supported him through his football career.  The team McNabb consisted of his sports agent, his marketing agent, pr, business manager, director of operations (me), assistants & security. Our Pastor was in attendance and the many folk that attended games, volunteered for our many foundation camps/clinics and " philly favors" we had. The White parties had been a regular event every year done by his brother, Sean, party planner extraordinaire. I had local friends that happened to be NFL Moms. One particular Mom was Linda Harrison, mother of Marvin Harrison (HOF WR for the Colts). Marvin and Don both graduated from Syracuse University 4 years apart. Played 1 year together. So this past draft weekend brought us all together again, just like it use to be. They attended the draft 2017 luncheon held by OMBI LLC, hosted by Sam & me of McNabb Consulting Network. The fashion show at Shani's place, Dolly's Boutique hosted by me. Draft party by Donovan McNabb. Read to the children at People for People Inc Charter School ( thanks Linda Harrison). Visited Donna George ( NFL Mom/Eddie George). A bar b q at Sean's place in Jersey and topped off with breakfast with Michele a Green ( NFL Mom/ Byrant McKinnie. Oh can't forget Linda Fields, Philadelphia politician and Mom of Chaffie Fields. Missed you Bertina Duncan ( NFL Mom of Jaime Duncan) & Zelda Westbrook (NFL Mom of Brian Westbrook). 
All was good during our time back in Philly. So it reminded us that we are still blessed! 

Thank you all for the memories. Hope to see y'all real soon. 

Romans 15:4
For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope. 

Mama McNabb

Monday, April 3, 2017

I burnt my bacon

Burnt bacon may be a simple thing to you and you might wonder why is she talking about this? Well it is a serious matter at the time that may have proven to be a fatal consequence as well. This day had started out busy with business calls, emails and not so friendly texts with grown children! If any of you parents know, it's not always roses with those people you delivered and even those you didn't deliver but in the family too! Not calling out any relations.  So needless to say I was becoming iritated and overwhelmed with this day. I was trying to reel this morning in to get some control of me. I started feeling flushed and breathing increasing in depth.  From cell phone to iPad to desktop mad too. Time kept passing and now it's 12 noon and still haven't eaten. Have you ever just gone in circles trying to complete somethings? And even though you sent that email or hung that phone up, there's still a sense of incompleteness you're feeling? Well that was me. So I tuned into Travis Greene's song "Made a Way" and decided to eat something. I remember after Church I bought a dish to try at Flavor Resturant, praline bacon. I couldn't eat it so I brought it home to eat for breakfast today. Praline is a form of confection containing nuts and sugar with cream. You usually get it in New Orleans as a form of candy. Well Flavor put it on the bacon, wow! So I started cooking dinner, and going to have a little breakfast consisting of my praline bacon, a piece of toast and a boiled egg. Oh did I mention that the bacon wasn't cheap, (ok I'm sorry had to throw that in). I put the toast in, eggs boiled and put the bacon in the MICROWAVE. Thought I set the timer on a few seconds, but as it turns out, put it on 4 minutes.. I keep doing stuff, and Lord I smell something burning awful. Didn't think of the bacon right away, thought it might have been the toast or my spaghetti dinner. Awwwwwww naw, I opened the microwave and my bacon was on FIRE!  Well not literally on fire, but black and smoking! You probably can smell it at your house. At this point you can visually see my face, dishearten and frightened. This could have had an awful consequence. What if I had left the kitchen and let it go the whole 4 minutes. That really had my heart beating fast. God made a way. Thank Lord. 

 I thought I would share this with you just to make sure you keep your head on a swivel and not do what I did. Take time to breathe ( as my watch often times reminds me to do). At this time it would be foolish to say it will never happen again, I hope and pray not. Just words to the wise, I surely will not burn anymore praline bacon ever again! 

Mama McNabb