Thursday, April 12, 2018

Happy Everything folks!

It's been a few months since I've posted in my blog, I apologize for that. From time to time I had subjects to discuss but somehow backed away from it. I didn't want to be political due to how I'm feeling might not be a good thing. So I opted out. There also were some family health issues so I've been a little overwhelmed with that. But the good thing was my birthday, in which I celebrated the whole month of March. That's what I do as we cruised along the Carribean on Celebrity cruise line. My family & friends made this years birthday spectacular.  I appreciated it too. So now I will write a happy message for all who might need it. 
                                     Have a Happy Everything folks. 

May you know how appreciated you are. May you never forget what a blessing you've become to a world that could use more people like you. May you reap the rewards of kindness. May your sunshine always shine through. May love walk by your side. May friendship sing in your smile. May opportunity remember to knock on your door and surprise you once in a while. May your memories be ones that you wouldn't trade for anything. May your hopes and dreams find ways of coming true. May you never forget how dearly I wish a Happy Everything for you.

Mama McNabb❤️

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

God's Calming Way

When the trials, temptations, uncertainties, and anxieties of this fast-paced society beat around us like a one hundred mile an hour hurricane, we can cling to the solid Rock, Jesus Christ. 
   There is something about the way He pulls us into the eye of the storm, where we are forced to sit, listen, and feel His calming presence. 
    I can't understand how He does it.  He just has a way of surrounding us with peace when we stop what we're frantically doing and cry out, " Here Lord is all my stress, my crazy schedule, my temptations, and worries, Please help me."
    We hand it all over like a CEO does with his or her secretary, and we anxiously wait for everything to be sorted out and put in the right order. Afterward we sigh with relief and we are so grateful. 
     Life's hardships are far more important than a stack of papers. The Savior, of course is far greater than one efficient secretary. He is order and wisdom. He is all knowing. 
     Best of all is the peace and calm that follow after we release everything and let God take control with His calming, guiding touch. 

In the shelter of your presence you hide them.   Psalm 31:20

Mama McNabb

Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy New Year

I pray 2018 will be better & more than before! Enough said.

Mama McNabb

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

God can take your disappointments and turn them into hope

Sweet as life is, some days can turn a little sour. I call it bitter sweet. Your best laid plans can unravel and people you trust the most can let you down. Disappointment is a fact of life. But so are comfort and restoration. When you feel that you have a black cloud over your head, remember the rainbow. God is a God of new beginnings and promise. He brings life from a dying seed, spins sunrise out of darkness, and soothes hurting hearts. No matter what you go through, He will be with you, offering comfort and strength and hope for a brighter tomorrow. Life has a way of raining on our parade. But next time it rains ask God to help you look through the rain and see the rainbow. 

Trust God will lead you into something better. 

Mama McNabb

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

You keep 2 things when you obey the law: your self respect and your money.

We as parents always have stressed being law abiding citizens, because it pleases us, but there are more practical reasons why it's good to obey the law. For one thing, you keep your respect. You can look in the mirror and like the guy looking back at you. You can walk down the street with your head held high. Then there's the matter of money. Breaking the law can get expensive with fines and  court costs. There are better ways to spend the money. Obey the law and your bank account will thank you and so will the man in the mirror! 

Remember that the benefits of keeping the law outweigh any so called benefits of breaking it. 

Mama McNabb

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ten Important Things to Say to Young Black Males

1. You are important and you matter:
( When we look at the extremely alarming murder rates in our urban epicenters, it is of epidemic proportion)

2. Preparation for your profession begins in the classroom:
( Often we are bombarded with problems that black male students face; we have heard and read about the endangered species model, pipeline-to-prisons phenomenon, chronic underachievement and the continuation of absentee fathers )

3. Learn how to read - and read well and read often:
( Every student, regardless of his social or economic circumstance, deserves the right to be educated in a nurturing and well-structured learning environment )

4. Words have power; and our word is our bond:
( We have to teach our young men the importance of embracing integrity, honesty, commitment, responsibility and character )

5. What you give is what you will receive ( Law of Reciprocity ):
( Our young men have to understand that their actions have consequences )

6. Establish goals and work your plan:
( There is an old saying that many people are familiar with " A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step" )

7. To be early is to be on time; to be on time is to be late:
( We have to teach our young men the value of promptness )

8. You have made mistakes, but you are not a mistake:
 ( They are children of God, therefore, they are blessings and they should be treated as such )

9. Differentiate the pain of discipline vs the pain of regret: 
( The consequences of participating in unwarranted behaviors can lead to regret )

10. Man does not decide his future; habits decide his future:
( We have to teach our young men that they are in charge of their destiny with the help of God and their choices)


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

You're a child of the King ( sons )

You are a son of God and therefore extremely valuable to Him. Like every man, you want to find your place in history, want to make your life count for something. And that is exactly what God wants for you, for He has made you to reflect His image. As one of God's sons, your life has special meaning. Your unique gifts and talents, your sense of humor, your insights, your way of interacting with others and contributing to your world, all make you special in the eyes of your Creator. He rejoices in each new skill you master and every worthwhile project you successfully complete. Your life is a bright piece in the ever-changing kaleidoscope of God's creation, as important to the overall design as any other piece. He has a place and a purpose for you. You do matter sons! 

Proud of sons who have realized a sense of value for yourselves!! 

Mama McNabb
Mom of 2 sons 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Shifting Into Overdrive

This is another one of those hectic days, Lord, where I'm forced to shift into overdrive. I'm meeting myself coming and going. Forgetting why I came in this room, easily distracted. Although the things I must accomplish are good, I'm struggling to keep above all that is happening. 
  Even though these days are busy, thank YOU for helping me along the way.  I tried to simplify today's schedule ahead of time ( my type A personality), but more last minute little things plopped in my lap. You are so wonderful for granting me a joyful heart and the energy to shift into overdrive so I could make it through successfully. 
  When I feel like I'm spinning my wheels, YOU help me along and sometimes give me a little push. When I get anxious and loose my focus, YOU remind me of YOUR calming presence.
  I am happy in your awesomeness and will try to walk in YOUR footsteps.  When I get a little wobbly, I praise YOU for holding me up. 
  Thank YOU, Lord for loving me and helping me relax. For soothing my frustrations. Every time I ask for YOUR guidance, YOU add time to my day. 
   For this day's help and guidance, I thank YOU, Lord. Please help tomorrow be a little less hectic so I may shift out of overdrive. 

Mama McNabb
(Praying for the world today & this week in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey & approaching Hurricane Irma) 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Social Media Fans the flames of bullying

I read this article and thought all parents/grandparents need to know.

               Parental involvement can be key to controlling the burn

Franciscan Health experts agree it is among the most prevalent challenges youngsters face and one of which parents need to be aware and help to prevent. It also is one the experts see all too often and deal with in their young clients, patients and family members. 

"Cyberbullying and bullying in general are at the top of the list, more so with middle school kids, because of the computer and phone access. Everybody knows their business - nothing is kept private." said Katrina Miller, a longtime clinical therapist 

"Online everybody sees it: it's not just between them and the bully. Middle school school kids can be really hurtful and the kid being taunted doesn't know how to handle it." she added. 

Children and young adults often don't report the problem, fearing being labeled a snitch, which could make things worse since it causes the victim further anxiety and hurt that can lead to serious consequences, even suicide, she said. 

It's really important for parents to educate their children about the dangers of the Internet" Miller said. " Once something is out there you can't get rid of it. Parents have to be more intuitive about what their kids are doing and more involved. They need to be aware of the sites the kids are visiting and who they're chatting with." They can do that by emulating what she has done with her two teens. "Get their passwords or don't let them have the electronic devices." So called helicopter parents, those who hover too closely over their children's activities and make them feel smothered or not trusted, can present the opposite problem.  

"That can create rebellious behavior. We need to find a balance with the kids. There have to be boundaries and rules and they have to know there will be consequences if those aren't followed. Still, we can't be overbearing." Miller said. 

Bullying is an age-old problem that remains alive and all too well today with a new and often dangerous component - the Internet. 

From Focus On Your Health. Franciscan Health.......

Mama McNabb