Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The magic of a thankful spirit is that it has the power to 

Anger with love,
Resentment with happiness, 
Fear with faith, 
Worry with peace,
The desire to dominate with the wish to play on a team,
Self preoccupation with concern for the needs of others, 
Guilt with an open door to forgiveness,
Jealousy with joy at another's success,
Lack of creativity with inspired productivity, 
Inferiorities with dignity,
A lack of love with an abundance of self-sharing.
            Donald E. Demaray

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Congratulations HOF Marvin Harrison

I was invited this year to the 2016 Hall of Fame Enshrinement for Marvin Harrison by his Mom, my mentor Linda Harrison. It is a great honor to be enshrined and a big honor to get personally invited. Marvin and Donovan both attended Syracuse University and played SU football together in Marvins last year there. They broke records playing QB to WR too. I remember meeting his Mom at the Gator Bowl game.  We beat Clemson University as Don to Marvin scored touchdowns. Marvin graduated and went on to be drafted into the NFL, #19 in the first round. The first time I ever watched the NFL draft. Not even thinking about a draft for my son. I continued to attend my sons college games at home and also away games. Donovan graduated 4 years later and stayed a fifth year, as he too was drafted into the NFL, #2 pick in the first round to the Philadelphia Eagles. As they both had great seasons, pro bowl years and now retired, I hope that my son just like Marvin will get his shot into the Football Hall of Fame soon. 

Mama McNabb

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Never let failure defeat you, let it teach you.

Failure isn't the worst thing that can happen to you, although it really doesn't feel good at the time. But it doesn't have to be a bad thing. Failure means you haven't figured out the right method, your formula is incorrect or you should think it through a little better! It may mean you need to go back to the drawing board. Try and see your failures as God's guidance counselors helping you figure out what to do with yourself. Failure is not the end all of life instead the springboard for a new beginning. God may have something bigger & better down the road. 

Men's best success come after their disappointments. ( Henry Ward Beecher)

Mama McNabb

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Men take charge of your health

I'm asking our sons to do better, as well as all men. Be proactive with your health. Even though you may feel fine, an annual wellness visit with your doctor is important to maintaining good health, because it provided a great opportunity to focus on prevention and screenings. During that time you will get a clear picture of your state of health and establish a relationship with a/your doctor. 

At the visit the doctor will review your family history (very important) and ask questions to identify health risk factors. Those may deal with such topics as medical history, including any allergies, past surgeries or symptoms you may be having along with questions about your medication history, mental health, eating habits, physical activity and anything else. The physician will perform an exam and decide which screening tests and follow-up services might be right for you.

Come prepared with questions for your doctor and be ready to take notes. The wellness visit will help identify any health issues before they become more serious. You and your doctor can work together to decide options and set health goals that might help improve your health. 

Please guys, do this for your family!

Mama McNabb

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Guns taking our youth

It's getting to be awful in the world today. Young folk using guns and killing each other. We as older parents and grandparents have become so very fearful for our youth. Recently a gunman went in a dance club with an assault weapon and shot up the place, killing and injuring our young people, where they were minding their own business, dancing, partying and enjoying themselves. Many were students, everyday workers never to breathe life again. All some mothers child, some brothers sibling, somebody's love one. Not to be seen again or in critical condition or traumatized to no end! In Orlando, FL. A place where happiness takes place, where infants on up to seniors smile all day long! Where you constantly hear laughter, babies crying, folk screaming joyously on roller coasters. Disney is a place where seniors like to retire simply because the weather is good and there's constant fun to be had. But hey some person who evidently sucks on lemons all day, and festers in his heart a hate that passes all understanding, came to a happy place to stop it from happening. I am so sadden by this situation and all situations that involve guns and our youth! It gives us no peace individually or as a people to see this happening. You can't just bury your head in the sand (although I'd like to), without worrying about yourself and your family. 
My prayer is: Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification..Romans 14:19

Mama McNabb

Monday, June 6, 2016

Revenge Hurts!

My stomach is hurting folk.  Guess I fixed her! 
I had a routine doctors appointment today. I've been seeing the same doctor for over 30 years. She's kind of overbearing and a straight shooter. She knows I'm a nurse so she knows how to speak to me with medical terms. Well as usual she tried to cut me a new one with, this is up, you're this and that and you need to do this and do that! You're not doing enough of this or a That! Eat more vegetables and fruits. Drink more water, drink less fruity flavored drinks and yadi, yadi, ya! 
Well I came home pissed as could be and was hungry so I made a salad to eat, with grilled chicken....GREAT. But not satisfied so guess what, I had a chunk of cake, cookies, and 2 butterfingers! HA, I guess I fixed her.  You know I'm feeling some kind of way,  yea way bad. Lmbo.
Pray for me. I'm sure none of you have done this! 

Mama McNabb

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Life isn't a spectator sport

Life is a game you need to play. Despite aging, somehow you have to push yourself forward. You still need to set goals and try and complete those goals. I have learned in the game called life, failures may occur. Even projects flop, but never give up. The key is to keep it moving. I watched the movie "Joy" and it confirmed my life lesson. Don't give up, you Have to play the game. It does become fulfilling, I promise you, you have the tools! 

Mama McNabb 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day 2016

It was a very nice Mothers Day for me. I wanted no frills and didn't want to go to a resturant with the crowds to eat. A week prior to Mothers Day, I had been thinking about my Mom. I had started wearing her jewelry and the fond memories I had of her. Tearing up often. So when the weekend came and I saw on social media all the Moms celebrated kind of helped in my melancholy mood. So I cooked dinner, we ate at home after church and went to see a nice play. I don't know why this occurred, and it wasn't expected but well I guess Mama must have been watching over me and just gave me a little nudge! Miss you mama & daddy too! 

Mama McNabb