Friday, May 19, 2017

Control your Blood Pressure

I've decided to write this blog today because of a dear friend of mine fainted while on a plane, hospitalized and blood pressure was 180/110! ( travels for work). 

5 Simple Steps to Control Your BLOOD PRESSURE.

 1. Know your numbers: Most people diagnosed with HBP want to stay below 140/90, but your doctor can tell you your personal target blood pressure.

  2. Make a Plan:  Work with your doctor to make a plan to lower your blood pressure. 

  3. Make a few lifestyle changes: Loose weight. Eat healthier (fruit, veggies, low fat dairy & lean protein, but lower your saturated and total fat). Reduce sodium ( stay under 1500 mg/ day).  Get active. Limit alcohol. 

   4. Keep checking your blood pressure at home. ( it is wise to purchase a b/p apparatus to track your readings). 

    5. Take medication as Prescribed ‼️‼️‼️‼️ ( do not miss taking your blood pressure meds). 

     High blood pressure can be fatal, it is so hard to recover 100% after a massive stroke, so it's       IMPORTANT to know your b/p reading and you can keep things under control.  

                American HEART Association.     American STROKE Association. 

Mama McNabb
Retired Registered Nurse

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