Monday, April 3, 2017

I burnt my bacon

Burnt bacon may be a simple thing to you and you might wonder why is she talking about this? Well it is a serious matter at the time that may have proven to be a fatal consequence as well. This day had started out busy with business calls, emails and not so friendly texts with grown children! If any of you parents know, it's not always roses with those people you delivered and even those you didn't deliver but in the family too! Not calling out any relations.  So needless to say I was becoming iritated and overwhelmed with this day. I was trying to reel this morning in to get some control of me. I started feeling flushed and breathing increasing in depth.  From cell phone to iPad to desktop mad too. Time kept passing and now it's 12 noon and still haven't eaten. Have you ever just gone in circles trying to complete somethings? And even though you sent that email or hung that phone up, there's still a sense of incompleteness you're feeling? Well that was me. So I tuned into Travis Greene's song "Made a Way" and decided to eat something. I remember after Church I bought a dish to try at Flavor Resturant, praline bacon. I couldn't eat it so I brought it home to eat for breakfast today. Praline is a form of confection containing nuts and sugar with cream. You usually get it in New Orleans as a form of candy. Well Flavor put it on the bacon, wow! So I started cooking dinner, and going to have a little breakfast consisting of my praline bacon, a piece of toast and a boiled egg. Oh did I mention that the bacon wasn't cheap, (ok I'm sorry had to throw that in). I put the toast in, eggs boiled and put the bacon in the MICROWAVE. Thought I set the timer on a few seconds, but as it turns out, put it on 4 minutes.. I keep doing stuff, and Lord I smell something burning awful. Didn't think of the bacon right away, thought it might have been the toast or my spaghetti dinner. Awwwwwww naw, I opened the microwave and my bacon was on FIRE!  Well not literally on fire, but black and smoking! You probably can smell it at your house. At this point you can visually see my face, dishearten and frightened. This could have had an awful consequence. What if I had left the kitchen and let it go the whole 4 minutes. That really had my heart beating fast. God made a way. Thank Lord. 

 I thought I would share this with you just to make sure you keep your head on a swivel and not do what I did. Take time to breathe ( as my watch often times reminds me to do). At this time it would be foolish to say it will never happen again, I hope and pray not. Just words to the wise, I surely will not burn anymore praline bacon ever again! 

Mama McNabb

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