Friday, June 16, 2017

I Got Cha With Hugs Foundation

New Entity Founded in 2015. I am pleased and honor to do some good in the community for domestic violence. I say we are Women helping Women in Crisis. Here is the plan we set up for the Charity. 

Vision: Our vision is to be a vocal advocate for Women that have experienced hardship in their lives, as in domestic abuse, homelessness, loss of employment or similar situations. We will operate with other like-minded organizations to shape an atmosphere of caring and support. 

Mission: we want to strengthen the community of Women by helping those who are in need, gain self sufficiency by giving A Hug, and supplies. 

Plan: To gather the Huggers at A Hug & A Koffee ( breakfast), hug each other in our everyday hectic lives, listen, wipe our own tears, and then, roll up our sleeves and help another woman in crisis.  

Hugs & kisses,

Char McNabb

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