Friday, May 25, 2018

My Son bought me donuts

I am at my #2 sons house for a graduation. My oldest grand will be graduating from middle school tonight. We arrived a few days ago, so I didn’t actually get to see the family until the next morning. I don’t know but every time I get in this state I crave donuts. Son has such a busy schedule with gym work outs, coaching B.B., Football and everything else he does. I asked him to bring me some donuts. Everyday he has some excuse. “Ma they’re closed, they even ran out of donuts or the worst excuse was, “ you don’t need no donuts.” Whaaaaaaat? I didn’t tell you that when you were coming up and asked for something, did I? I even ask him, “do you love your Mama?” Now you Moms out there know it’s the principle of the matter, I asked and know you should try and respond in a favorable manner. I didn’t ask you for the nutritional value of a donut. I wanted to see if you would grant your Mama her wish. That’s all...
Others in the home, brought me donuts, but I wanted them from my Son!
But TODAY, my son #2 heart brought his Mama the donuts. I smiled from ear to ear & kissed him real bigly too! I know he loves me and I know too that he will give me what I ask for.  Even the non nutritional, fattening, sweet not good for diabetics donuts. I’m in heaven.
Thank the Lord for my sons! A blessing they are to me. Amen.

Mama McNabb

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