Tuesday, January 23, 2018

God's Calming Way

When the trials, temptations, uncertainties, and anxieties of this fast-paced society beat around us like a one hundred mile an hour hurricane, we can cling to the solid Rock, Jesus Christ. 
   There is something about the way He pulls us into the eye of the storm, where we are forced to sit, listen, and feel His calming presence. 
    I can't understand how He does it.  He just has a way of surrounding us with peace when we stop what we're frantically doing and cry out, " Here Lord is all my stress, my crazy schedule, my temptations, and worries, Please help me."
    We hand it all over like a CEO does with his or her secretary, and we anxiously wait for everything to be sorted out and put in the right order. Afterward we sigh with relief and we are so grateful. 
     Life's hardships are far more important than a stack of papers. The Savior, of course is far greater than one efficient secretary. He is order and wisdom. He is all knowing. 
     Best of all is the peace and calm that follow after we release everything and let God take control with His calming, guiding touch. 

In the shelter of your presence you hide them.   Psalm 31:20

Mama McNabb

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