Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Service dog, my eye!

I was in Walmart this week doing a little shopping while getting my much need steps in. I try to do the minimum 10,000 steps but fail miserable most of the time. I recently got 8600 in. Back in the day before hip surgery with and without trainers, plus I was younger, it wasn't a problem. Anywho it's not about my steps it's about my terror in the Walmart. As I said I'm shopping, pushing my own self cart and low & behold I see folk moving to one side of the aisle looking like they were in terror. As my eyes look in the same direction of other customers, I see a gray swollen pit bull walking along side of his master. He was big, and looked vicious with no leash holding master. He had a " Service Dog" vest on.  Funny how a week prior to this we spoke of this very same subject on how a friend of ours had a service dog certificate for his dog so he could go anywhere he went without problems. It's simple to register you dog on line. Federal law prohibits discrimination of breed, size, training level or age of any EMOTIONAL SUPPORT OR SERVICE DOG.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaat! Back in the day, there was simple German Sheppards that were good family dogs, non terrorizing like these dogs here. I felt intimated by these so call service dog and the master was probably in his own glory watching people move out of his way and stop like a funeral line was passing! I didn't like it and rumble, mumble and fumbled words you'd never thought I would say ( well my friends know better). This is a darn shame and its out of hand, to me., 
As I go to the checkout line to pay for my purchases, there comes the gray looking monster with his/her master in tow and guess what, a leash in hand! Whaaaaaaat! Where security and the po-po and folk in management are, you put a leash in your hand. I'm appauled. The young teller says he's been in this store before, so I say he can bring him because he's registered as a " Service Dog" and guess what she says to me " oh he was in the service?" 

Done. Done, done. Drop the mic. 😱

Mama McNabb, smh

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