Monday, December 5, 2016

Post Thanksgiving Time

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. I did especially this year because my oldest son, Sean was able to join us. My baby boy with his wife and granny's babies too. All in a warm place together. The usual food, we all pitched in. Desserts with Patti LaBelle sweet potato pie.  I'm the only one that eats it because my funny acting kids act like didn't grow up on it! I try to introduce my grands to African American foods! Greens, sweet potatoes, grits, corn bread, salmon croquette. Theyre strange kids, living in Arizona. My daughter in law is Canadian, her parents are from Trinidad. Different dishes and tastes. But anyhow we ate our food with cornbread dressing and enjoyed each other.  We played Giant Jenga games, and laughed at each other.  Went to the ocean, pool and shopping mall. These kids of mine are the most travelled you'd ever want to meet. They left AZ to Houston, Dallas and then FL.  This weekend they went to CT to watch their cousin play basketball. If you saw how thes grands of mine ages 7, 8 & 11 go through the TSA line, removing backpacks, taking off shoes, jackets and watches, like any business traveling adult, it would make you laugh. They probably have more frequent flyers miles than me! Holidays are about family and good friends so I pray that as we approach Christmas, your heart will be warmed with the love & hugs from whomever you choose to be with. 

Mama McNabb

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