Saturday, October 22, 2016

Network at the Bold Move Event

Yes it is a Bold Move to change careers after the age of 50. Who does that? Well sometimes you're forced to do it after a job loss. Careers are not usually started at this late age but few have done it! I remember working for a woman at Alpha Christian Registry and she was in her golden years when she started the nursing registry. My office was located in Chicago Heights. The corporate office was in Aurora. She had many offices in the Chicagoland area. Well my career changed from an Registered Nurse to a business owner and Philantropist, record label owner to writing lyrics, producing songs and selling apparel. It's fun, meeting new people. In between and after nursing ( although you know you never stop or forget your nursing) I was President of the Professional Football Players Mothers Association.  As I participate in this Bold Move Event , I'm learning and remembering a lot of old and new information. We have millinials telling us how and why social media has become such a major part of business. I and anyone else who needs to expand their business need to know this and get on board. Well I'm on my way down for day 2 of this conference. It will consist of the Psycology of Leading, Developing A Strategy To Gain & Keep Customers and much more. Consider this event next year. Thanks! 

Mama McNabb
The Boss

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