Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Anniversary Celebration

This past weekend we celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary. I kept on counting the wedding date to now, my oldest sons birthday to now and still can hardly believe it til now! 45 years, huh? I still tell everyone I'm 50 years old!!!!  Well that's a lifetime already. That's too long for anybody. That's unbelievable even to me. That's LONG. You know during this time, there's been good times and bad but we stayed. He's never left me. And for me I may have checked out in my head a few times. Present by the body but absent by the mind. A ploy I'm sure many women have played.. As you think to yourself, " am I stupid or what?" I remember years ago saying to my cousin, 'I feel used" and she responded, "we've all been used at one time or another ." So we trod along, un-numb ourselves and keep it moving. I'm thankful for the marriage, he's been a good husband, provider and most especially Father. That keeps me happy because my sons love and appreciate their dad! He raised them to be honest, and worthy God fearing men. That makes me happy. So at 45 years of marriage, as an example to the younger I say if I can do it so can you. Be strong in your faith, and know that God is with you. It had to be with me, otherwise I couldn't have made it this far. I got married at 16, he was in the Navy. We moved to Long Beach, CA. Had our sons, went to college, bought homes, sent sons to college, son got married and now grandchildren all in 45 years. Whoa, I'm tired now! Anyhow we are good this year, 2016. Thank you Lord. 

No one has ever seen God. But if we love each other, God lives in us, and his love is brought to full expression in us. ( 1 John 4:12 NLT )

Mama McNabb

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