Saturday, April 9, 2016

Football Players Health Study At Harvard University

In the past few days I attended a Player Advisor Spring Meeting held in Boston at Harvard Medical School. In attendance was the NFL former players, the Football Players Health Study Faculty and the Football Players Family Advisors. Family advisors is a new entity recently added and that is what I am a part of. The family Advisors consists of players spouses, player Moms, daughters, sisters and significant others. All have been put together for a great cause and that is for the study and research of related football injuries. The advisors are helping give feedback & input on how the study can be successful. Asking the proper questions and potentially increasing participants to play a tremendous role in future research. Plans are to reveal results of studies and discuss potential topics under debate within circles of academia and sport. 
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I am honored to have a small role in this. And thankful for my nurse training.

Mama McNabb

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