Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Time away

I took off for a few weeks to warm sunny Florida. I was a little down because it was my birthday and usually plan a little something something. But this year I needed to go and as I had spoken to my cousin found out she too needed a little R & R.  She hadn't been feeling well, so after her doctor gave her an OK, we left. We had a great time, ate healthy, walked and beach time! Shop til we dropped. Felt good the whole time. Got her to smile and open eyes for my selfies! Attempted to make her a little over the top girl like me! HA. Funny. So this was an awesome blessing for me as I hope it was for her, my first cousin, daughters of 2 brothers and both in Chicago. She's been like a sister to me. So just thought I'd celebrate this years birthday to her. Congrats to you Shelly Ann Bailey, smell your flowers today in Jesus name, Amen. 

Mama McNabb

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