Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Launch in Arizona for Hugs Foundation

On 1/2/2016 I had A Hug & A Koffee at the famous Lo Lo' s Chicken & Waffle House. 13 women gathered to hear about " I Got Cha With Hugs Foundation." The mission is we want to strengthen the community of Women by helping those who are in need gain self sufficiency by giving A Hug, and supplies...
Roxi McNabb agreed to be the Regional Director of the Arizona chapter. As you know we are already established in Illinois and have made a substantial donation of items before Christmas. 
I look forward to Arizona to continue the vision of being an advocate for Women that have experienced hardship in their lives as well.
We had a good core group of women at the Koffee, that are ready willing and able to get things rolling..
Thanks Arizona! 
Whose got next?  Check out Hugs Swoom on FB. 

Mama McNabb

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