Thursday, December 31, 2015

Looking forward to the New Year 2016

As I look back over 2015, I'm reminded of my roller coaster year. A roller coaster of emotions and transistions. I reached a milestone age this year. One that I had to get use to saying.. I started out saying 50 plus 10, because I didn't want to give up that 50! Lately I finally started saying 60. We celebrated my milestone and my oldest sons birthday in Anguilla. Paradise it was too. I've done a little more writing on this blog and towards my book. I've finally learned to live on a budget, within my means. Because before that it was no budget! I'm downsizing and giving away stuff to start my new 60's life. Wanting more of God, love of family and living life comfortably. Hopefully not in the Cold!!!! Have had family issues, that I wouldn't wish on any mother, but from that I took a big Gulp of humility and birth a new entity "I Got Cha With Hugs Foundation". A organization that support 3 domestic violence shelters with hugs and needs of women. We collect everything a Mom would need for her and her children as they escape the situation they lived in. That really warms my heart. So as I vaccilated between up & down God brought me through. Thank you Lord for this year.  Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Mama McNabb

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