Monday, October 19, 2015

Congrats to Brian Westbrook/NFL

Brian Westbrook/RB, retired NFL will be added to the Eagles Hall of Fame tonight as the team plays the NY Giants. Brian played with the Eagles during the same time Donovan played. He was a definite go to guy for Donovan. As we traveled to the games to watch them play, we were guaranteed to see his Mom & Dad there as well. We'd do dinner together the night before the games. Sometimes Z and I would go shopping to relax our nerves? Although she was a strong person and seemed to talk me off the ledge most times! You know how you have some friends who don't let things work them up and have such a calming demeanor, well that was Z. Thank you girl for that and now enjoy your well deserve accomplishment tonight with Brian. I'll be watching! 

Are you ready for some football!!!!!!
Mama McNabb

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