Friday, August 28, 2015

New Endeavor

Today, I started a new endeavor, called " A Hug & A Koffee". I invited a few friends to have coffee with me & co- founder Kim Weisinger.  The concept is to free up some time in your busy schedules to come and get your hug! Everyday there is an overwhelmness hitting some strong woman. And she is trying to keep it all together in a way that she knows. She's definitely can use a Hug & A Koffee. Our plan is to meet monthly to strengthen each other as we prepare for the bigger cause called " I Got Cha with Hugs Foundation." This entity is to strengthen the community of women by helping those who are in need to gain self sufficiency by starting with the Hug! Of course more will follow. Thanks my core group of Huggers, we look forward to working together for the greater cause. 

Char McNabb

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