Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Hello. What time of year is it? Holiday season. Awaiting Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year! Its the best time of year to me. Exciting for all kids and my grandkids are included. I love the smiles on their faces as they celebrate with the entire family. It has changed now that my son is no longer playing in the league because he works away from home a lot. Also we're not traveling as much anymore. We use to go to all the games and with the home games we stayed with them, so granny was close to them. This time in life is quite a transitions for all families of professional athletes. Things start slowing down. You get to see and wear what's in your closet! You get to visit your church more often with friends and local events. I cant say it was fun in the beginning of this transition but you adjust. It gets real boring a lot, to me But "it is what it is." You say in your ownself head that you prepare for this but Not really. Its an emotional, financial and physical let down. So Mama is much better now and re-adjusting to the New life and embark upon new challenges, keeping busy and starting a new chapter as "Mama & Granny McNabb". How You Doing? Mama McNabb

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