Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ten Important Things to Say to Young Black Males

1. You are important and you matter:
( When we look at the extremely alarming murder rates in our urban epicenters, it is of epidemic proportion)

2. Preparation for your profession begins in the classroom:
( Often we are bombarded with problems that black male students face; we have heard and read about the endangered species model, pipeline-to-prisons phenomenon, chronic underachievement and the continuation of absentee fathers )

3. Learn how to read - and read well and read often:
( Every student, regardless of his social or economic circumstance, deserves the right to be educated in a nurturing and well-structured learning environment )

4. Words have power; and our word is our bond:
( We have to teach our young men the importance of embracing integrity, honesty, commitment, responsibility and character )

5. What you give is what you will receive ( Law of Reciprocity ):
( Our young men have to understand that their actions have consequences )

6. Establish goals and work your plan:
( There is an old saying that many people are familiar with " A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step" )

7. To be early is to be on time; to be on time is to be late:
( We have to teach our young men the value of promptness )

8. You have made mistakes, but you are not a mistake:
 ( They are children of God, therefore, they are blessings and they should be treated as such )

9. Differentiate the pain of discipline vs the pain of regret: 
( The consequences of participating in unwarranted behaviors can lead to regret )

10. Man does not decide his future; habits decide his future:
( We have to teach our young men that they are in charge of their destiny with the help of God and their choices)


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