Saturday, February 4, 2017

It's Super Bowl 2017

This week of Super Bowl L1 there has been events everyday. Almost all players and major sponsors have them to show appreciation for their fans, and contributors and sometimes to raise money for their charities. Super Bowl is not cheap so you must know that before you get started. You can tell from the face value of a Super Bowl ticket. This years ticket I saw for $2,200.  As I said face value, which means you probably will have to pay much more than that. I attended most of that Super Bowls while Donovan was playing his 13 years, and as I served as President of the Professional Football Players Mothers Association for 6 of those years. We had a few events as Moms too to help in our philanthropic endeavors. Always a fun time to support the wives association, dads association and many of our sons events too. We would have a watch party to watch the Super Bowl for those sons that didn't make the big game! Of course I attended the Eagles big game and I also went to the Detroit Super Bowl game when the Steelers played the Seahawks. That was a good Super Bowl to me. The hospitality that was given by my Midwesterners was phenomenal. I always feel we as Midwesterners are the nicest people! Maybe a bit too nice, but don't take our niceness for weakness. We are not weak! Like Chance the rapper sings, " you don't want no problem with me". LOL.  I remember the Super Bowl in Atlanta, "ice bowl" and in Dallas, " ice bowl" too! Caught the BARTA, in the ATL and watched the accidents or some call it wrecks occur on the highways in Dallas. Wow, my memory has improved as I write this blog. Funny. The last Super Bowl I attended was in New Orleans 2013. We had a great Mardi Gras party there too! 

Side Note:  There has been some changes from before to now which is that the Pro Bowl use to be after the Super Bowl, so a lot of the families would leave the big game and fly to Hawaii for more fun. And the players from the big game would catch a flight over to Hawaii after the Super Bowl..... Now the Pro Bowl is before the Big game and those who are playing in the Super Bowl can't play in the Pro Bowl.. 

Now are you ready for some Super Bowl? I am and will be be watching it from home. What about you? Super Bowl L1 with the Falcons playing the Patriots in Houston, Texas.. Should be a good one. Good Luck to all the guys. 

Mama McNabb 🏈❤️

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