Thursday, August 18, 2016

Congratulations HOF Marvin Harrison

I was invited this year to the 2016 Hall of Fame Enshrinement for Marvin Harrison by his Mom, my mentor Linda Harrison. It is a great honor to be enshrined and a big honor to get personally invited. Marvin and Donovan both attended Syracuse University and played SU football together in Marvins last year there. They broke records playing QB to WR too. I remember meeting his Mom at the Gator Bowl game.  We beat Clemson University as Don to Marvin scored touchdowns. Marvin graduated and went on to be drafted into the NFL, #19 in the first round. The first time I ever watched the NFL draft. Not even thinking about a draft for my son. I continued to attend my sons college games at home and also away games. Donovan graduated 4 years later and stayed a fifth year, as he too was drafted into the NFL, #2 pick in the first round to the Philadelphia Eagles. As they both had great seasons, pro bowl years and now retired, I hope that my son just like Marvin will get his shot into the Football Hall of Fame soon. 

Mama McNabb

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