Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Men take charge of your health

I'm asking our sons to do better, as well as all men. Be proactive with your health. Even though you may feel fine, an annual wellness visit with your doctor is important to maintaining good health, because it provided a great opportunity to focus on prevention and screenings. During that time you will get a clear picture of your state of health and establish a relationship with a/your doctor. 

At the visit the doctor will review your family history (very important) and ask questions to identify health risk factors. Those may deal with such topics as medical history, including any allergies, past surgeries or symptoms you may be having along with questions about your medication history, mental health, eating habits, physical activity and anything else. The physician will perform an exam and decide which screening tests and follow-up services might be right for you.

Come prepared with questions for your doctor and be ready to take notes. The wellness visit will help identify any health issues before they become more serious. You and your doctor can work together to decide options and set health goals that might help improve your health. 

Please guys, do this for your family!

Mama McNabb

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