Monday, June 6, 2016

Revenge Hurts!

My stomach is hurting folk.  Guess I fixed her! 
I had a routine doctors appointment today. I've been seeing the same doctor for over 30 years. She's kind of overbearing and a straight shooter. She knows I'm a nurse so she knows how to speak to me with medical terms. Well as usual she tried to cut me a new one with, this is up, you're this and that and you need to do this and do that! You're not doing enough of this or a That! Eat more vegetables and fruits. Drink more water, drink less fruity flavored drinks and yadi, yadi, ya! 
Well I came home pissed as could be and was hungry so I made a salad to eat, with grilled chicken....GREAT. But not satisfied so guess what, I had a chunk of cake, cookies, and 2 butterfingers! HA, I guess I fixed her.  You know I'm feeling some kind of way,  yea way bad. Lmbo.
Pray for me. I'm sure none of you have done this! 

Mama McNabb

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