Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Super Bowl is over

SB50 is over! And the winner is Peyton Manning and the Broncos team. Now we have to wait & see if he will retire this year. Really, what do you have to do? Sit with your financial team to see if the money is right where you want it to be? Or you feel you have a little more play in you to do? ( Surely  that's not it, looking at the no zip on those balls you threw! ( Sorry about that). To me you love to take over the sports talk, on every station as the clock tics, tics, tics away! Man go on with yourself, live your life after football and give us all a break, Peyton! Please you've been GREAT. The best in the league, let it go! 
This opinion is not the opinion of the network , nor the opinion of a mother of a former NFL QB, but that of a Fan! See ya man. 😄    

Mama McNabb

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