Saturday, December 5, 2015

Cam Newton for MVP

The NFL MVP award race is tight as the season pushes into Week 13 and it looks like Tom Brady and Cam Newton are leading things.  Players like Aaron Rodgers, Andy Dalton and Carson Palmer all have strong cases for the award, but the Panthers undefeated and the Patriots 10-1, Brady and Newton are the current favorites.  
According to And all sports analyst!

But I know it's called a race for this award and you need at least 2 people to compete in a race, I think Cam Newton is the leading runner for the award at this time in the season.  It's not over for the competition and I am sure they will definitely put some others in that race, like maybe Adrian Peterson & some lineman they're hoping for? I heard the analyst say today that Cam can do more than dance. What???? This young 26 year old,  6'5", 5 year veteran, can definitely play the position of Quarterback in the NFL. He of course to me is quite deserving at this time of that NFL MVP.  

But...... Tom Brady has never won an MVP for the regular season. He has of course for the Super bowl championships. I read where someone said as long as Peyton Manning is playing, Tom Brady will never outplay him and win a regular season MVP.  

Guess what, and you know it, Peyton is out for a few games, definitely not (I think) in the race for MVP. So it will be very interesting if they don't give it to Tom regardless of not having a perfect season.

Or they just might have 2 MVP awardees?.. ( like they had with Peyton Manning & Steve McNair, ( rest his soul). That will be some Bull,(to me)  like Bernie Mac use to say. 😳 

Mama McNabb

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