Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Its been a challenging few weeks this September. As the football season opens and I along with so many other fans got "Ready For Some Football." The events that have occurred are sad and awful. I cried a few times for everybody involved. If you're not aware of what I am talking about , there are 2 cases in the NFL with our sons involved in abuse. Child abuse and abuse against women. As a mother of sons, I am disappointed with it all. As a mother I pray for their Moms and the entire family. Everything must be done in moderation, which means when you take things too far you end up in that trouble zone. Don't put your hands on her! And don't whoop/spank like that! There is much more that I could say BUT I will keep it simple. Everybody at some point in our lives make mistakes and hopefully not a grave one. So don't do that again, ever in life, sons! Mama's are praying for you ALL. Mama McNabb

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