Wednesday, April 16, 2014

HOT Topics!!

Why do women who are married to Ballers have so many children? Is it because they love kids and can afford them? 


Kimmy Weisinger said...

Can I just add right here!!! You Better unstained a Baller's characteristics first!!
Ballers are men who have an abundance of wealth & power. They may or may not have much disposable income, but this doesn’t stop them from attracting a woman who may eventually become his wife. A Baller is intelligent, business savvy, hard-working and ambitious, and for obvious reasons, boys love to hate on him and his appeal.
I don't get mad a woman marries and have children by "Ballers" if you're safe and secure in your marriage & have all the babies he want.

Kimmy Weisinger said...

Sorry bout the typo's!!! But I think you understand. They not all Gold-Diggers.

Kimmy Weisinger said...
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