Friday, February 21, 2014

Mama Joyce! Mama Joyce! This is Mama McNabb and i'd like to voice my opinion on the controversy you're having about your daughter and her getting married. I feel you on the Love and protection you have for your daughter and granddaughter. I get it! I have it to, for my son Donovan McNabb. How about that? I understand you want your child especially on the level Kandi is on to be equally yoked financially. But the pickings are slim especially for a black man. 

So what do you think about the mother of a son. It's not that easy for an athlete to marry a woman equally yoked Financially. BUT it seems OK if a girl marries a millionaire and she works part time as a nanny or whatever and takes off from school (medical) or whatever. That's acceptable to Moms of daughters. But to me its unfair to think that its apples and oranges, because it's not. It really is the same situation. So as mothers of sons we have to either suck it up and learn not to make waves between him and his wife or don't have a relationship with your son and grandchildren. That's not right. 

I just would like mothers of females to put the shoe on the other foot sometimes and see if it fits for you too. We all must keep on loving our daughters and our sons. 

Oh and one more thing, We will always be their Mothers. Okay? Okay. 


Anonymous said...

Mama Joyce, Kandi has to live life and experience love and all it brings you put to much into her relationship. You should concentrate on your own.

Mz Kimmy

Kay-Kay said...

Get Yo Life!!!! Mama Joyce she aint gonna cut yo Ass off!